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This page will include all my new products, food recipes & even dog friendly places..

Most items can be bought in Mutz Nutz 
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Dogs are allowed Carrots, but theses come definitely recommended for puppies that are teething. pop them into the freezer for up to a half hour maybe more, but this will definitely provide instant relief!

  • Great for a dogs teeth

  • Great source of potassium, Vitamin A & Fibre & Beta- Carotene.

  • Fun Activity - Good for canine enrichment

Another few Veggies dogs are allowed are Broccoli or Celery.

Slow feeder bowels are a must for dogs who eat fast.. click below to buy online .. 

dog food


For: Lick-mats, Kong's.. etc

  • Peanut butter (no Xylitol which is a sweetener )

  • Fresh Fruit.. Blueberries, Strawberries & Plain Yoghurt 

  • Minced Chicken

  • Frozen Peas & Carrots

  • Bone Broth

 You can freeze a layer of Peanut butter first then freeze fruit on top. ​

You can mix the meat with Vegetable's 

Food I recommend will be provided in the buttom below. 

This helps you have more control with your two hands on the lead  and to have control over your dog when on shorter or narrower roads

Discount Code; GIVETHATPAW10

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This harness is for to help with control but also no pulling on the lead, this harness is soft and padded and is great for short haired dogs

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Non - Pull


Their is no Indestructible toy out there for dogs as its retail they want you to keep buying them. 

One I have come across is : 

Chuck It Balls



This is my recommendations for bedding for dogs with anxiety and who always sit beside you on the couch, these donut beds or calming anxiety beds are amazing!! 

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