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Mairead & Tom 


Yoda, Belle & Nico

Aoife has been coming to our home to look after our three pugs during our recent holidays. She called twice a day to bring them out, play with them and make sure they were ok throughout the day. Our dogs love her, and love to both play and sit on her lap - depending on the weather! We would have no hesitation in recommending Aoife to anybody looking for someone to call in during the day to your dogs, address any behavioral problems and generally give great advice on and dog issue.

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Gearldine Gray 

Bonnie & Molly 


I called on Aoife at the beginning of the new year as my two dogs suddenly started attacking each other and could not be left alone together. Bonnie aged 2 (Cavalier King Charles cross) and Molly aged 5 (Jack Russell cross) were always best of friends. Bonnie came to our home when she was 10 weeks old and herself and Molly grew up in harmony for the past 2 years together. Suddenly, Molly went into heat and started growling at Bonnie and when she growled Bonnie attacked Molly pretty viciously. My husband even got badly bitten trying to break up one of the fights between them. I seperated the dogs for two weeks hoping that the issue might resolve itself but it didn't. Aoife came to our home and observed our dogs and told me that Molly was extremely nervous and Bonnie was bullying her. Aoife advised me to get a crate for each dog and feed them in their crates and ensure that they sleep in their crates next to each other. She advised me regarding their walks, chill out time in the evening and advised to keep everything as positive as possible. Fast forward four weeks and my dogs are back to being best friends again. Loving each other again, playing with each other again. Absolutely no aggression at all between them. I can't thank Aoife enough for the help and support she has shown through this very difficult process. Aoife texted me every day for a doggie update! She was on hand to take phone calls from me when I needed extra support. I could not recommend this lovely lady enough. She has brought back peace and harmony to our house and we are very grateful for that. Thanks Aoife

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