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"Building a stronger bond from Paw to Palm" 

Providing in-home & online training & behavioural services for your dog in  Leinster, Ireland


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I travel to my clients homes in all of Leinster, 

I evaluate everything from the owners & dogs point of views and come up with a plan to help everyone and for owners to continue for when I go. 


Positive Association & Calming Techniques used 

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I stay in your house with your dog while you go away, 

can also mind cats if needed. Maximum stay now is only 4 days ( 3 nights) or check ins which are more on my services page... 

Fully insured


Hi! My names Aoife, I started  Give That Paw over 4 years ago on Facebook

My experience then first started when I worked in a local vets from 2019-2021. Where I was a  kennel and vet assistant for the first year. I had then went on to manage the doggy day-care centre  with up to 30 dogs a day and  managing the training centre.

I then began training to be a trainer. 

I always knew I had a love for dogs as I had grown up around them since I was born..  I  used to be a mammy to  a St Bernard called Stringer but sadly he died of cancer a couple of years back. But I now have an Australian cattle dog mix JRT, Yogi and a Mini jack Russell Jake.

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"Over 4 Plus Years of Experience with
Excellent Google/Facebook Reviews from Clients"


Michelle Wall

Aoife came to our home a while ago to help us with our dog Noah who had become very excitable with a lot of things in life, especially visitors. From the first the moment Aoife walked into our house you could she has such a wonderful understanding of dogs. She explained to us what was happening and how our behaviour was affecting the dog and how he was responding to us. It was such an eye opener. She gave us help, advice and practical things to work on, which we are still doing. Aoife checked in on us afterwards to see how we were getting on and to answer our questions. It was such a positive experience. We would highly recommend Aoife to anyone having issues with their dog, no matter what the age of the dog.

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Fiona Mannion
Ted & Bonnie

Aoife has made life so much better. Bringing a new pup into the house was proving more difficult than we thought with regards to training and their general behaviour today’s each other, but with Aoife’s help we are starting to see real progress in Bonnie, our new pup, who was jumping up on anything thing or anyone, and also he Teds possessive behaviour. 



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Over 4+ years of Experience working in a small animal hospital  & Day-care/ Dog Trainer Manager

Diploma's of Level 3 in Canine Anxiety & Puppy Training 

Certificates in Dog Behaviour & Training and Dog Psychology & Training

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Aoife from Give That Paw
to learn more about our animal training & behavioural services.

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