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Save That Paw Date

A service where your dog can be involved in your special day. 

Want your dog in your pictures? Maybe even in your Church/Venue?

But also need your dog minded on that day & night. 

Give That Paw includes all this in one service! 

Below will be companies involved in your special day from Dog clothes, dog bandanas & even maybe pup-cakes for your dog! 


Do you stay in our home & for how long?

Yes!  It is included in this service. I only stay for max 2 nights/3 days

Are you

full insured?

Yes!  I am currently insured with

Pet Business Ireland

What do

you charge?

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Get your quote today 

Please before submitting your details please read below carefully!

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We are Awaiting some Reviews on our new service...

Our Clients Say

Important notice!

  • Once filled in all above please do organise a meet & greet as this is to make sure i feel safe & so does your dog with me.  There is a 15 euro charge on this to cover petrol. thanks

  • I may take a few videos & pictures of your dog during the event and some before and afters just to let you know for my social medias. If you do not accept please let me know.

  • Please also inform me if anything major has gone around your house that could concern my safety. Unfortunately this is my new terms due to some traumatic event during a previous stay

  • Your house has to have an alarm system

  • I need an emergency contact number nearby like family member or neighbour

  • i refuse the right to stay if my safety was a concern. 

  • I have a few small businesses whom I can contact on your behalf and have your dog looking stylish for your big day have a look at my Pawdates page on my website!!

  • If your dog’s have issues with reactivity on walks I will not be walking them as this is very stressful for them.

  • I will not walk your dog if the weather has said it will be hot.

  • Please leave out mental games or have lick mats/kongs available so I can give your dog a job to do when I'm there

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