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Snuffle Mats

Snuffle Mats



  • Snuffle Mats are the perfect enrichment game for your dog/
  • They provide mental stimulation that is just as beneficial as a physical walk - in fact, 30 minutes of sniffing is the equivalent of an hour of walking!
  • These mats are a great way to keep your pup active and entertained for hours. Plus, they're easy to clean and store away.
  • Get your dog a Snuffle Mat today and start giving them the mental stimulation they need.
  • We have an anti slip material on the back so it won't go very far quickly.
  • Good for dogs whom consume food very quickly, slows them down. 
  • We have two towers on the toes for extra little games 


We did get our design made & the manufacturer produced them for us



  • Small Sized - They have little defects so its up to you if you would still like one, they are little bit more easier so would be good for puppies / easy starter snuffle mat. 
  • Please only give to your dog under supervision and please consult us if you are unsure on how to get your dog to use it in a safe way. 


  • Medium Sized - These are what we ordered and our finialized product,
  • Care Instructions

    Please do not leave your dog unattended with this mat.  contact me if you an unaware of how to limit your dog so they cannot chew/destroy this.

    Please do not wash in a high heat as fabric may shrink. Please either hand wash or put it on 30-40 degrees wash (delicates)

    Wash every 1-2 weeks as there food/treats can get stuck in the depth.

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