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Sleeping Dogs


All Services are in your home &

We do not have a facility, 

Dog Day/Overnight  Sitting :  1-2 months notice 

Wedding Service : 4-5 months Notice 

Our Services

Give That Paw provides quality, customized dog training and dog-related services in the comfort of your own home.

Our team is fully insured and has over five years of experience in dog training

and dog sitting.

We provide services in Kildare, Dublin, Meath, Laois, and Wicklow. However, if you need our services elsewhere in Ireland, we are willing to travel.

Contact us today to book your session!

How Sitting Works 

Fill out the specific form via the button provided below 

Please let us know times you will be leaving and times you will be back in. 

  • Aoife the owner only does 3 days max

  • Other contract sitters sLonger stays 

  • Once sent a Invoice/Quote and your happy to proceed 

  • A meet & Greet is set up in a whatsapp group between the sitter, aoife the owner & you!

  • Contact is only allowed through this group. 

  • A M&G fee is needed for us to cover petrol going to visit you, which will be in your invoice file.

  • This M&G is for safety & knowledge for us, dogs & owners and everyone is happy to go ahead 

  • We stay in your house overnight but we only charge per day, this is 60euro & we do include petrol/Tolls to & from. 

  • Extra prices may be added for other Pets / Animals 

  • We also do evening sits, check ins & day sits for clients whom like to go to concerts, meals etc.. There is set fees for those but please ask. they are 35euro + 

  • Our terms will also be sent via your whatsapp group and if you don't agree with the terms you still have been sent them so it is up to you to read them


Q: How does Give That Paw charge for its services?
A: Give That Paw charges by your address as we travel to you. Our prices vary depending on your location and the services you require. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: How do I book Give That Paw's services?
A: Booking Give That Paw is easy! Simply contact us via our website or whatsapp us directly to schedule your dog's care. We will work with you to determine the best services for your furry friend.


Q: Can Give That Paw come to my home for training sessions?
A: Yes! We offer in-home training sessions to ensure that we are working in an environment where your dog feels safe and comfortable.

Q: What makes Give That Paw unique?
A: Give That Paw is unique because we offer customized training plans to meet your dog's specific needs. We use positive reinforcement training techniques to ensure long-lasting results while building a strong bond between you and your dog. Additionally, our team includes a dedicated sitter for overnight stays if needed.

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