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Give That Paw provides quality, customized dog training and dog-related services in the comfort of your own home. Our team is fully insured and has over five years of experience in dog training and dog sitting. We use positive association and calming techniques to ensure a happy and healthy relationship between you and your furry friend. We provide services in Kildare, Dublin, Meath, Laois, and Wicklow. However, if you need our services elsewhere in Ireland, we are willing to travel. Contact us today to book your session!

Cat and Working

* New - Cat Sitting

Introducing a new service ... Cat sitting. we check in on your cats for 1 hour 3 times a day or whenever is needed.  Feeding/Medication  ​ Pricing 35 euro per hour or 3 hours 1 day is 95uro

Terms For All Services 

Information about Give That Paw

  • AWARD winning ; Dog Trainer of the Year by the Local Pet Awards NI ! Nov.23

  • We have over 5 years of experience, we are fully insured by pet business Ireland & member of the IAABC.  Our business is open 2 years officially as a registered business.

  • We are always  in contact with vets/nurses and our owner is a Behavioural Trainer who is also in contact with other dog trainers & behaviourists regularly.

  • Please do organise a meet & greet as this is to make sure we feel safe & so does your do with me.  There is a 20  euro charge on this to cover petrol. This is in person!

  • Deposits are non refundable. Meet and greets can be if requested. 


When Staying:

  • We stay all day & overnight with our dog sitting service.

  • We may leave to go to the shops or to the gym or if notified other clients for check ins.

  • Please notify us if the dog cant be left  for any longer then 3hours

  • We may take a few videos & pictures of your dog during the event and some before and after just to let you know for my social medias. If you do not accept please let me know.

  • Please also inform me if anything major has gone around your house that could affect our safety whilst staying.

  • Your house has to have an locking system. If you have any cameras in the house please let us know for our own privacy We may ask for them to turned off inside the house.

  • I need an emergency contact number nearby like family member or neighbour & local vets

  • If somebody is working for home we will not travel out as this is not part of our service. It’s not for when you are not home.

  • We refuse the right to stay at any stage if our safety is a concern. 

  • Your house is like our own we will keep it as clean as we possibly

  • We will not answer the door to anybody unless notified by you the owner as we do not want to tell people we are dog sitting and you the owners are away from the house

  • All sitters are contracted to work as sitters. They are not employees of give that paw. Any faults, accidents or damages that may happen during there stay is feasible to the sitter contractors. Give that paw osnot liable.


Your Dog :

  • If your dog’s have issues with reactivity on walks we will not be walking them as this is very stressful for them & as a trainer based company we would rather do mental stimulation.

  • We will not walk your dog if the weather has said it will be hot or in status orange via met Eireann

  • Please leave out mental games or have lick mats/Kong’s available so I can give your dog a job to do when I'm there

  • We will not be walking your dog(s) in the dark or country roads where has poor visibility or bad corners to cross

  • It is up to you to write down introductions about your dog in our care. This is not our fault. You need to provide us with the details we can only ask so much. We are not robots.

  • If your dogs are medium to large breeds and there is more than one we will not be walking them.

  • Only reason we will ever walk two dogs together is it f they are small, any more then two we will be walking them separately.

  • If your dogs vet name is Groome Vets in Kildare Town. I unfortunately will terminate your sitting as I no longer want to have any communication with this man or his business. An agreement may be presented that we will bring the dogs to our recommend Pricing:

  • Prices May be subject to changing due to petrol costs rising – we are allowed change according the prices

  • All balances should be paid before or on the starting date of sitting. If you do not pay till the end please let us know but If not this could incur a full payment in advance when using our service next

  • If your home or we start before 1pm you will be only charged for half a day if after 1pm a full day change is in place then.!

  • Give that paw will not reimburse any amounts for damages, accidents, faults or deaths when contractors are included in the service you are using.


Check Ins:

  • If you cancel / has to be cancelled on your set days – 10 euro fee will be added at the end of each month exceptions are being sick or 2 weeks in advance notice

  • I do not check in if your working from home/ at home/ family member is calling in#



  • Any questions are all asked to the business owner, please ask all questions /queries through WhatsApp group

  • Please do not privately text my sitters as there numbers are personal and I need to keep track of everything include the pictures daily or any questions.

  • I am a small business and only managed by one person so please be kind & understanding ❤️

I hope you can understand


Q: How does Give That Paw charge for its services?
A: Give That Paw charges by your address as we travel to you. Our prices vary depending on your location and the services you require. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: How do I book Give That Paw's services?
A: Booking Give That Paw is easy! Simply contact us via our website or whatsapp us directly to schedule your dog's care. We will work with you to determine the best services for your furry friend.

Q: Does Give That Paw offer any additional services?
A: Yes, Give That Paw offers basic grooming services and can administer any necessary medications. We also offer customized care plans to meet your dog's unique needs and preferences.

Q: Can Give That Paw come to my home for training sessions?
A: Yes! We offer in-home training sessions to ensure that we are working in an environment where your dog feels safe and comfortable.

Q: What makes Give That Paw unique?
A: Give That Paw is unique because we offer customized training plans to meet your dog's specific needs. We use positive reinforcement training techniques to ensure long-lasting results while building a strong bond between you and your dog. Additionally, our team includes a dedicated sitter for overnight stays if needed.

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